No Greater Joy

Last week I posted this on the Momentum facebook page:

We will continue our series and this Sunday we will look at the inspiring truth that ” Jesus is > My Past”. If everyone would please post this and also go out of your way this week to invite a friend to come with you I would appreciate it. I can’t wait to see what God is going to do in people’s lives this weekend during our services.

There is no greater joy then seeing someone you invite to church come and watch God blow their minds with His presence. This past weekend a man I met and spoke with at a gas station came to Momentum and brought his wife. This was their weekend! God showed up and made Himself known to them during the service and they received Jesus as their personal savior.

It never gets old watching God make divine connections as we go through life and then seeing how God takes what seems like chance encounters and weaves His divine plan of salvation. I love that I have the opportunity to preach from the platform week to week, but the greatest ministry any of us can do and are called to is the ministry of just keeping our eyes open as we go through life and allowing God to speak hope to people through you wherever you go. There is no greater joy.



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