Day 3 of our “Jesus is Greater” Fast

01 Jesus Is >

Today is the third day of our church wide 21 day fast. I pray that already you are being reminded of the preeminence of Jesus in every area of your life. I want to remind you also that the richness of a fast doesn’t come from what you take away during your season of fasting, but rather what you add.
If we only take away certain foods but fail to add feasting on God’s Word then we are merely experiencing a diet. Although this can be a physically beneficial part of a fast, our goal in taking away food and the hunger that ensues should lead us to hunger after God’s Word.

Maybe you have chosen to do away with the social media. This is great and will lead you to focus on the relationship you have with God and what God is trying to communicate to you during this series. Again,if only taking time away from social media occurs, but one fails in seeking God in prayer and meditation on His Word, then the giving up of this distracting endeavor loses it’s spiritual benefits and force.

I encourage you to add to your life over the next three weeks as much as you deny yourself whatever God laid on your heart to deny. Add prayer, worship, study, solitude, praise, service, etc…..

Tonight would be a great opportunity to add something to your fasting experience. We will be hosting over the next few weeks three Wednesday Night’s of Worship at Momentum Church starting tonight from 7:00-8:15pm. Plan to come experience the presence of God in a tangible way as He shows out in all His glory and power.


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