Sunday Remix 11-10-13

01 A Place at the Table Logo   What a great start to our new series “A Place At The Table”. We examined Luke 14:12-14 and began to see the kinds of people that Jesus invites to His table for fellowship. The Poor, Crippled, Lame, and Blind all get a personal invite to come to the table of God. The Bible says that we are seated with Christ in Heavenly places. Don’t let anything make you feel unworthy to find “your place at the table”.

Maybe you’re poor and broke in so many areas of your life. Emotionally broke, relationally broke, you just feel spent and worth nothing. Jesus says you are exactly who I want at my table. Or maybe you are crippled. Your resolve and abilities seem to have shriveled up.  You have lost the power to grasp hold of what it takes to see a change in your life. Guess what,? You are exactly who Jesus wants at His table.

You might say I am powerless to carry myself to the destination I see on the horizon. I am lame and my destiny is in jeopardy. I am tired of my life being dragged down the path of trial and error. God I need you to carry me to new heights and the destinations that you desire. Again I would say to you, if that is how you feel……You are who Jesus invites to find your place at the table.

Finally those who are blinded by materialism, perfectionism, intellectualism also have an invite to the table.   Don’t miss your chance because you have your eyes on everything else but the love of Jesus. If you can take a moment and see past the stuff that clouds your vision  and get a glimpse of the one who truly satisfies you will see all that you are searching for is at that table.

There is nothing like realizing that you have been invited to sit with Christ in Heavenly places. That means everything that is at Jesus’ disposal is at your disposal. Hey Jesus, pass me some of that peace. Jesus, can you give me a serving of strength, and with it a side of grace. Lord I’ll take a second helping of your presence and a little victory on top.

All that you need is in the presence and person of God. Don’t let anything keep you from his invitation to come and dine!


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