New Series from the Book of Ruth

01 Ruth Series Slide

This week we launched a new series from the Book of Ruth. The first chapter paints a picture of a women who had lost everything. Her husband and sons were from a town known for it’s barley and bread production. The town’s name heralded this prosperous reality.  Bethlehem, house of bread. A city where there was plenty. A place where hunger was satisfied and life was predictable. Winter, Spring, Seed-time, and Harvest; a rhythm interrupted by a famine that spread across the land leaving Naomi with a decision to stay and  waste away or to leave and look for sustenance elsewhere.

The journey takes them from the House of Bread.  They travel away from what was suppose to be a place of order, what was suppose to be a place of provision, what was suppose to be a place of fulfillment….to the uncertainty of the fields and chaos that was the countryside of Moab.   This is where Naomi’s  frustrations begin. Life in Bethlehem has changed forever and what was “suppose to be” will never be the same.

Often our frustrations are rooted in the “suppose to’s” that end in unmet expectations.

I saw a news report of a young man who graduated from law school, but could not find employment anywhere as an attorney. He now makes annually $15,000.00 working at his local YMCA. He felt the proper education was “suppose to” get him a great job. That great job was “suppose to” bring financial success. That success was “suppose to” help him have the confidence to find a wife and start a family . Instead he lives at home in his parent’s basement. Have you ever found yourself lamenting…….”This is not how things are “suppose to be”?

I want my Bethlehem back! I want easy again! I want what I want and I want it right now! The problem at hand is Bethlehem has nothing for you. The only thing certain is, the House of Bread has become a land of famine and a sojourn into the uncertainty of Moab is at hand. “It will get better from here”, “It can’t get any worse” you assure yourself. “Let’s see what Moab has to offer our little family fleeing from famine.”

To be continued…..


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