Code Red Revival Report #3

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-We had another great night of worshiping God with our whole hearts and responding to His leading to draw close to Him in prayer at the altars.

-I was blessed by God to have dropped in my heart for the first time a thought regarding why coming to an altar can be such a powerful expression of faith and spiritual hunger. A bride prepared for her groom will find herself walking an aisle to meet with the one who desires to bestow on her all that is his.

-Pastor Dave Divine preached on the subject of covenant and like a husband and wife who enter covenant share in everything, Jesus as our groom and the church as His bride has entered a covenant where all that is His is ours and all that is ours is His.

-The reality of this message resulted in many coming to the altars for prayer to accept all that God offers because we are His.

-Pastor Dave’s sermon centered on the story of Mephibosheth. A descendent of Jonathan who had been crippled at the age of five. Because of the covenant relationship of King David and Jonathan there came a time when the King looked to bless one of Jonathan’s own. Mephibosheth didn’t feel worthy of anything, but David invited him to eat at the king’s table for the rest of his life. 

-The Lord gave me a thought during the teaching that as long as we are at the King’s table, our brokeness is covered by what the King has prepared for us. You couldn’t see that this man’s legs were crippled as long as he was seated at the table close to the King. As we stay close to Jesus those things in our lives that make us feel less remain covered by His grace. What a great message of the power of being in a covenant relationship with God.

-For all the Code Red Revival sermons you can go to and check out the podcasts.

-Don’t forget to come ready to worship our great God this Sunday at Momentum Church during our “Code Red Celebration Service”. 9:30 or 11:15.

-If you would like to share what God has done in your life email and let me know which service you plan to attend.

-The totals for the Code Red Mission’s projects are awesome! Atlanta Dream Center (Human Trafficking Ministry) $2,500.00 Just One Foundation (Water filtration systems) $1,800.00 (30 systems that have the ability to filter 30 million gallons of water).  Great job Momentum allowing God to move “in you” and “through you”.




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