Code Red Revival Report

Code Red Logo 2-We have been praying and preparing for this series of meetings for a couple of months. You can’t plan a move of God, but you can prepare your hearts to be ready for what He desires.

-Last night the presence of God was strong in the house as the Spirit of the Lord rested upon us during worship. The body lifted up it’s voice like never before in worship and anticipation of God. Like a bride prepared for her groom we waited for His coming and Jesus showed up with a word and a witness of His Spirit.

-The Word of God delivered by Pastor Dan Palmer, was challenging and refreshing as he ministered on the subject that we ARE Holy because of Jesus and that should change everything about how we approach our view of sin and desires contrary to God’s.

-It was great seeing so many surrendering to God at the altars refusing to be the king or lord on the throne of their lives. Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

-God’s Word to me last night through our guest speaker Daniel Palmer at the Code Red Revival was this:
Too often I half cheek the throne with Jesus. I need to slide over and off the throne all together and let the KING have HIS seat.

-Tonight we will experience the next service in our Code Red Revival. Let’s let Jesus take His place on the throne of our lives and continue to work in us His plan for this revival.


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