Code Red Revival Report #2

Code Red Logo 2-The King was on His throne for sure on the second night of CRR.  The house was full of people expecting an encounter with the presence of God and a timely word from the Lord. Both God’s presence and His word showed up in an undeniable way.

-I want to take a moment to honor the worship band and those who support them through media and tech. Y’all have submitted yourselves to the leadership of Jesus and it is showing. I love that your love for music is superseded by your love for Jesus and lifting up praise to God. Thank you for leading us to the throne of God as we have worshiped freely the One who has set us free.

-Last night Pastor David Houtsma from Eastgate Church in Cumming, GA preached what could be labeled as a “Money Sermon”. It was so much more than just that and I am thankful you could tell our people are at a place in their walk with Jesus that they could tell it was so much more than that. One of our Momentum family texted me this morning and said,

“If revival comes when we get off of the throne of our own lives, then what goes to the heart of our own self rule faster than money? -Jason Coultas

-This revival is the fruit of a Spirit led set up. I love the Spirit of grace that’s been on Momentum this summer from our teachings in Galatians to the first night of the revival and then last night. Not greasy grace devoid of challenge, but a grace infused motivation linked to who we already are in Christ and an invitation to rise higher with Him as His Bride. I love the bridal imagery coming out the last two nights.  We are seen already in the eyes of God as having all he desires and all He wants. The past two nights have challenged us that it’s time to recognize that and rise up in the Holiness God sees in us and the reserving of ourselves and all our resources only for Him.

He is mine…and I am His. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

-See you tonight and don’t forget next Sunday at 9:30 & 11:15 will be our Code Red Celebration Service. It will be a time of Worship and Witness. If God has done or is doing something in you we would love to have you share that on Sunday. Please email me at and let me know what God is doing.


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