Sunday Remix 7-21-13

-After missing two Sundays it was great getting to be back home and in the pulpit.

-Stephanie Robison and Mike Gaither did a wonderful job teaching in my place. Love that I can go away and we have several in house that can bring the Word of God with clarity, depth, and creativity.

-I was thrilled to see how many of our Momentum Hope Boxes were gone. What a great and simple ministry to help others know they are important to God and through Jesus they can have hope. If you do not know what MHB are, they are a shoe box filled with food, toiletries, and various other things that can help a person you see in need. It is so common now to see people on the street asking for money or food. Keep a box or two at all times in your vehicle and give them to people God brings across your path. Also if ever on a Sunday and things are tight, but you don’t want to ask, but need a boost for a day or so, please feel free to take a box for yourself. If you have items you can donate please put them in the white donation barrel so the MHB team can make up more boxes

-It was nice seeing our teens leave Sunday night for Mission’s Peoria. We have already begun to hear of the great things they are doing for God and great things God is doing in each of them. Please keep them in prayer. They will be home late Saturday night.

-We launched our campaign leading up to the special services we will be hosting August 18-20th. Check out for more info and plan now to not miss one service over the three days. Also please take time on Mondays between now and the 18th to fast and pray with us for God to move in a powerful way during CRR.

-Finally we dove into Galatians 5 during our “Grace U” series as we looked at the Works of the Flesh vs The Fruit of the Spirit.

I loved one of our E.A.T. member’s take away which he posted on facebook. “Worship is not based on how we feel but what He deserves. He deserves our worship. Starting the day walking by the Spirit so that He can change my passions and desires to align with His. We cannot do this by a list of dos and don’ts , but only by being in lockstep with the Spirit.- Bryan Choate”


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