Jesus said that we are to go and “make disciples”.  He didn’t say “go create incredible venues with flashy lights and sound.” He also didn’t say go create a gathering space where people come a couple times a month to satisfy their spiritual consumer needs. NO,  he said “make disciples” and then throughout the Book of Acts he showed how these people committed to the purpose, power, and presence of God would rally together to change the world.

I love that Momentum Church is a place that has great sound, lights, and is truly an exciting place to experience God, community and learn Biblical principles for life. I want to say also that we are a place dedicated to “making disciples”. I came away from my sabbatical in July with a passion to mobilize a strategy and a team to make this possible. With that in mind please take a moment to check out below a few things that I believe will help us accomplish this mandate from God.

#1 Momentum Coaching

I have written a coaches guide and trained 16 coaches that are ready and willing to do one on one coaching. This coaching takes place over a three month period and is designed for new believers or anyone that desires to get a solid foundation for faith. So many Christians get stuck at the starting block in their race of faith.  We want you to be able to push off in your faith and gain momentum in life NOW! Please email Pastor Mike Montgomery ( to request a coach.


#2 Momentum Growth Track

Beginning in September we will offer 4 monthly experiences that will help people answer the question, “Now What?”. As we launch the Growth Track in September we would love for everyone to go through these four classes together. They will be on Sunday nights from 6:00-7:15 at Momentum Church and will include childcare, workbook, and snacks. These classes will be offered every month and will be the #1 thing we point people to when they say, “I love the services and think Momentum is home, but NOW WHAT?”

Take a look below at the class offerings, but also pray about helping us as we recruit Momentum Team members to serve each of these weeks. Our goal is to have in place a host and a hostess, two check in workers, and four childcare providers for each week. The facilitator of the experience will be a different staff member each week. We would like for this to be a reoccurring ministry commitment one night/per month. Contact Stephanie Graves ( if you are interested in serving or attending the upcoming Growth Track. Seeing that the classes occur monthly your schedule may not allow you to do all four in a row. That is fine, attend what you can in September and hit a couple more in October.  We would love for everyone to go through this ASAP.

Church 101 (Because of Labor Day Weekend Next Class is 9-9-12)
This class is a basic introduction to the ministry of Momentum Church and will help you understand the calling and culture of Momentum.
Church 101 takes place the first Sunday evening of the month. This class is required to be a Momentum Partner (Member)

Essentials 201    (Next Class 9-16-12)
This class guides you through the essential beliefs and practices one needs to find success in their walk with Christ.  This class also includes how to use The Momentum Life Journal as a tool
for spiritual growth.
Essentials 201 takes place on the second Sunday evening of every month.

Discover 301   (Next Class 9-23-12)
We want to help you realize what makes you so unique. This seminar will help you discover how the combination of your personality, gifts, and purpose in life come together into the design God has created you to be so that you can discover your best fit in ministry.
Discover 301 takes place on the third Sunday evening of every month.

Team 401   (Next Class 9-30-12)
This is an orientation/training session in the ministry area of your choice so that you can learn more about serving as part of The Momentum Team.
Team 401 takes place on the fourth Sunday of every month.

#3 Journey Groups

We believe that people grow together into fully devoted followers of Christ. Christianity isn’t a solo sprint, but a relay race where we are there to help each other cross the line and finish the race as winners. There are all sorts of groups that meet and more are forming all the time. Please go to our website and click on Get Connected and check out all the groups that are available right now.

This coming Sunday following both services there will be a Journey Group Connect. Be sure to check out all the different groups and plan to take part in the upcoming 13 week semester of Journey Groups. If there isn’t a group that interests you then by all means take the steps necessary to create one. Through the Growth Track you will discover how God has uniquely designed you and we will resource you to lead any group you feel God is wanting you to start. (Rest Home Visitation Group, Ultimate Frisbee Group, Momentum Life Journal Group for Business men, Ministry Group to reach the needs of single mother’s and widows) You name it, you are the church and we will help you release what God is placing in you to do. Plan to come to the JG Connect on the 26th. If you would like to start a JG then email Pastor Mike Montgomery ( for your next step.

In closing I am so excited about the next season of Momentum Church. A season where there is a clear path for those asking, “Now What”. A season where there is a systematic approach to coaching those who want to grow in their faith. A season where Sunday is only part of what we do but the greatest impact will be from you the church, you the disciples of Christ touching our community and the World like never before. Listen we are providing the resources and leadership, but it’s your church and yours for the taking. You have to have a desire to be a disciple and not be just content with spiritual consumerism.

Momentum we can do this! Together we can be and make disciples of Christ worthy of our calling. You are His…..we are His……Jesus, do in us and with us as You wish.

With you on the Journey!

-Pastor Ross


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